The new high-tech repair center in the Middle East

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (ATG), our local workshop in Abu Dhabi, brings to the Middle East innovative technologies, state of the art equipment, and some of the world’s best resources to create a center of excellence for the repair of Gas Turbine Rotating Blades and other Gas Turbine Components.

Our completely new workshop is built in the new industrial area of Abu Dhabi called ICADIII, a new special economic zone developed by the Government of Abu Dhabi. The new building will also host beside ATG, Ansaldo Energia, Middle East Management, and the heart of the Company’s Operation in the Middle East.

The total workshop floor area consists of 3,200 m² of covered and fully air conditioned work space while the adjacent office building has a total area of 880 m² over two floors.

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf avails the latest technologies in order to offer its customers the possibility of repairing Gas Turbine Rotating Blades locally without having to bear high shipping costs to have their parts repaired overseas. This shall also allow a sensible reduction in the turnaround time for parts that are essential for the operation of Gas Turbines.

The choice of new equipment and processes to be adopted has been driven by a committee of experts with the aim of choosing the best available techniques in order to offer the best quality to the customers.

Our new facility offers:

Welding techniques:
- TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)
- Resistance Spot Welders
- MIG (Metal Inert Gas)
- Micro TIG

- 4 Axis CNC Milling
- Electro Discharge Machining
- CNC Wire Eroding
- Vertical & Horizontal Boring
- Conventional Turning

Heat Treatments:
- Vacuum Furnaces
- Heat Tint Furnace
- Curing Oven
- Drying Ovens

- Chemical Strip/Clean
- Ultrasonic Cleaning System
- Fluoride Ion Cleaning
- High Pressure Water Flush

Particular care was taken in selecting the coating equipment as the continuous evolution of Gas Turbines requires being able to apply more resistant coating and specific compositions.

That is why Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf will have State of the Art coating facilities including:



HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel)
- MCrAlY (Overlay- NiCoCrAlY, CoNiCrAlY)
- Abradables (Nickel & Cobalt Based)
- Hard face (Chrome, Tungsten & Stellite)
- TBC (Thermal Barrier).
- Abradables (Aluminium)
- Hard face (Chrome, Tungsten & Stellite)
- Ser-J (silicon/aluminising) by spray application.

In order to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality and to have the possibility of verifying the accuracy of the repair cycles a metallurgical laboratory will be part of Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf. This will enable the Company to test incoming components for life assessment and to guarantee a reliable residual life appraisal after repair. This can be achieved by a combination laboratory tests and NDTpractices.

Our workshop has:

- Full Metallurgical Inspection Equipment
- Atomic Absorption
- Spectrum Photometer
- Scanning Electron
- Microscope
- EDX - Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyser

- Fluorescent Dye Penetrate
- Ultrasonic
- X-Ray
- Flow Test (liquid & fuel)
- Water Flow

Although the traditional scope of ATG has been concentrated on the repair of GE technology components, the new workshop, thanks to the addition of new technologies and to its affiliation to Ansaldo Energia group will expand to cover also other types of Gas Turbines.

Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf will also manufacture some important components locally, in accordance with the directive of the Special Zones Corp Authority. For instance shrouds, seals, nozzles and the machining of turbine blades, their coating and heat treatments will all be performed in the new workshop.

The ambitious goal of Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf is to become the market benchmark for the repair of Gas Turbine Blades of every type of units, creating a point of excellence in the Middle East.

We are confident that our current and future customers will appreciate the premium of having their parts repaired locally instead of having to ship them overseas. This might change the need of keeping high levels of costly inventories relying on a fast, easily reachable professional reality that will offer such innovative services for the first time in this area.













Thursday, 25 May 2017